Software engineer from Helsinki, Finland with wide range of experience from different fields of engineering. As stated in the title of my Linkedin-profile I am looking for opportunities to work as technical support or a service desk engineer. I have background in software-, automation-, electronics- and robotics industries. I am motivated, social and service oriented professional with experience in project management, field engineering and service desk operations.

After the last fixed term contract with my previous employer, I started to set up entrepreneurship providing wide range of services for regular households. In the current economic depression this has proven to be very challenging and now I have decided put this project aside and find new challenges elsewhere. I enjoy working with people and being socially skilled individual, I like facing customers and end-users. I would like find myself in a position of being member of a team of skilled professionals sharing the same goal.This will really drive my philosophic-technical -mind towards good results and customer satisfaction. contact:toni.storhannus(at)

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